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Going Green by Selling Your Scrap Car

Why It’s Eco-Friendly to Sell Junk Cars

Do you need to get rid of your junk car? Maybe it’s been neglected for years. The cost of repairs would be more than the price of the vehicle itself. Maybe grass is growing under its tires and attracting undesirable critters. Whatever your reasons, getting junk cars towed to a salvage yard is a great way of being environmentally responsible. So how does selling your junk car contribute to a healthier planet?

Sell Reusable Parts

Your broken-down car might seem worthless to you but getting it towed to a junkyard actually benefits a lot of other people. People pay good money for junk because of their reusable parts. Auto glass, batteries, water pumps, tyres, carpets and mats⁠—these are just a few of the parts that can still be used in one way or another.


Disposing of your junk automobile means reusing a bunch of resources. Cars are made of industrial steel, glass, plastics, rubbers and a whole bunch of other substances. It is critical not to waste these materials by dumping them using a method that doesn’t include recycling. This benefits our environment by using less material that could be used for cans, appliances, and construction parts to name a few.

Get Rid of Toxic Substances

Vehicles aren’t just steel, rubber and glass. They also contain brake fluid, battery acid, engine oil, and even leftover petrol. If those fluids somehow leak out and seep into the ground, they might contaminate ground water. This could lead to health problems for those living nearby. Auto recycling companies use eco-friendly methods to make sure these are discarded properly.

Keep in mind that selling junk cars for extra cash is a nice way of helping save the planet. C'S Cash 4 Junk Cars offers reliable and excellent junk auto removal. If you’re near Memphis, TN, book our junk car removal service now by calling (901) 691-2687!

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